Punta Cana Bound



What at a whirlwind these past 46 days have been. It all started with an email mid February from the infamous Paul Buceta,  world renown photographer & publisher of Strong Magazine.  He invited 8 women to join him in the Caribbean for a fun week of shooting and memories.

What an honor to be asked to join him on this wonderful venture! How scary too since it’s 4 months after delivering my second child via c-section at age 42! Holy %#^*!!

First question, CAN I PULL this off?! Really? Body looks like a post baby body  (pics to come showing you what I mean) & I had only been working out less than a month. I forwarded the email invitation from Paul to my husband with no notes. Wait and see what he thinks.  What will he say?!

That night as we lay in bed, he says I received the email you forwarded to me and I think you need to go for it. Ask Steven tomorrow his thoughts about getting you in shape in 46 days. But when opportunity knocks, take it.

And here we are. 46 days later and countless hours spent at the gym–many days, twice a day.  Clean eating and nothing but shear dedication and determination.

I have never worked so hard for something in such a finite amount of time than this…and completely different this go around with my training & nutrition. Sled pushes, Jacob’s ladder, lifting heavy — things I’ve NEVER done. ..all while trusting someone completely from the beginning and not questioning, even when it’s our first time working together.

New diet methods were implemented, things  I was not accustomed   to…like not being so strict. Carbs at night, & fat, lots of good fat and other things too. Fruit? Sure. No problem. Protein shakes even up until the day I left? Absolutely!

I will say I had anxiety about all of it at first considering I was on a time crunch and the end result had to be there! The hardest part was letting go as I am an extreme type A personality and I like to control everything I do.  So for me not to add my own input was tough. Very tough. Giving up control and trusting someone else with my end result stressed me out. But I took a deep breath and said, balls to the walls…all or nothing! Go for it!

So, here I am. Boarding the plane to Punta Cana…literally as I type this. Do I like my end result? Absolutely & I hope you will too.

What I’ve learned is to embrace change and with each child, change happens  some good, some bad. Could I have looked better than I do now if I had added my own input? Nope! I would have done the old “self defeat” as many women do thus jeopardizing the final outcome.

Am I stage ready? Hmmm. Maybe or maybe not. It all would depend on what category I guess I would be entering. Do I have a flawless body? No and I don’t want one because it doesn’t exist; and chasing after one will forever make you unhappy.

What I have learned from this experience is that I weigh more than when I last competed, by 13 pounds. But my derrière is still here, something I lose when I lean out  to compete. I have 6 pack abs, and bigger shoulders, back and arms.

My hubby says my bum is lifted more, which is a good thing meaning he likes my fuller, perkier tush.  And I can fit into all of my skinny clothes.

I look completely different from day one and that’s all that matters. I’m ready to ROCK IT in Punta Cana & most of all have fun!

More posts and photots to come from Punta Cana!! Doors are closed & we are off!










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  1. Maria Andersen says:

    I am so excited for you! I love everything you had posted while you were reaching your goal! It has been very motivating to see your drive and determination.

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