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So tomorrow is the big day. 8:00 am is call time for hair & makeup. I am so excited and nervous all wrapped up in one. I am currently chugging 160 ounces of water with a cut off time of 5:00 pm. Then, no more. I will elaborate more in another post about diet man ipulation for shooting but for now I’m going to focus on the topics above.

So when I was asked to do this shoot, we were told to bring outfits to create 4 looks. Fitness, bikini, lingerie and whatever else. The tough part is deciding what to bring and what looks I want. Do I shoot lingerie? I’m a now 43 year old mom with two kids, a hubby who is with a BIG practice and a child that’s about to start private school in the fall.  What to do? Well first and foremost, I’ve learned to include my husband in all of the decision making process.  So, 3-4 outfits later from Agent Provacateur, I think you know his response.

So swimwear…what should I bring? Well, we will be in an exotic location so the suits need to be sexy & exotic. No Victoria’s Secret or suits that can be found at your local pool. I have 3 favorite sites. Beach Bunny Swimwear, Southbeachsuits swimsuits & Sauvage Swimwear. Beach Bunny has an amazing assortment of sexy suits. Sauvage does too and I hope Paul chooses the metal suit for me to shoot in.  And Southbeachsuits swimwear has everything and I could spend days at that site looking through them all.

The key to all of this is bring as MANY outfits for the PHOTOGRAPHER to choose from. I feel if you are shooting with a very well known photographer who knows what he is doing, let him put together the outfits. He or she knows what looks best in front of the camera. Just make sure all of the outfits you bring look great on you, compliment your physique and that you feel comfortable shooting in.

Next, pack everything in zip loc  bags with your name on them and bring it in a carry on suitcase or backpack  if traveling by plane. I brought my Lululemon large backpack (easier on the back) even when it weighs 16 pounds. Notes about zip lock bags -so nothing spills or ruins the outfits. And carry it On the plane in case your luggage is lost. See example above.

Invest in professional hair & makeup. Day makeup is completely different from photo shoot makeup. Here in Punta Cana, we have the adorable teenie tiny Monica Kalra.  But don’t let her 80 pound self fool you. She’s the BOMB!

Last, I really feel the key to a good shoot is to go in with NO EXPECTATIONS about anything. Be flexible about outfits, looks, types of photos (as long as it stays within your core values) and try fun things. You hired the photographer because you value his work. Respect that.

More to come tomorrow! Night, night.




  1. Jacque says:

    I’m so excited to find a Blog Cristen! Can’t wait to read more! Love the content for what to wear! You’re awesome!

    • ckiron says:

      Yay!! Jacque!! I’m so glad you like it. 🙂 I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.

  2. Melissa says:

    I’m loving your blog Cristin, such great info!! Now I just need to have you help me shop! 😉

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