The Time Is Now

Now is a good time quote

Happy Monday!

If anyone personally knows me, I usually have around 50 things going on at once.  I am a multi-tasker, a “TO DO-ER” and then some.  I love having my plate “full” and thrive under pressure.  The problem is, nowadays, my “To Do” list has become quite long. Eek! Too long and goals that really mean a lot to me are getting lost in my sea of things I want to accomplish.

So, NOW is my good time.  This week, in honor of Independence Day which is this Saturday, I am whittling out the “distractions” as I call it and honing in on my core goals.  I am becoming the “goal-getter” and independent lion that I am known for.  LOL.

I already know that my ckiron website, blog and taking care of me & my family are top priority.   I also want to get published this year and in more than just fitness.  I’d like to submit before and afters of our home that we renovated, Addie’s 3rd birthday party (fit for a Sweet 16 or a graduation party & an OMG, what were you thinking sort of thing when you did it?) & my own personal before and afters from my post-baby body to my bikini-ready, photo shoot physique.

I am a giver and givers self-sacrifice.  I vowed in 2015 that I would keep my core goals on the forefront and not let other peoples goals get in the way; but once again, I am back to my old habits and have been setting aside things I really want to do to help someone accomplish their goals.

I’m glad I’m realizing it at the end of June and not the end of December. Ha!  That would only have meant another year wasted.  I love my life but prioritizing is hard for me.  I want it ALL to be first on my list and it can’t be. Anyone else have this problem?!

Happy Monday,